Engagement Economy

The Engagement Economy—the reality that we market in today—is a new era where everyone and everything is connected. Consumer expectations have shifted to expect more from the brands they buy from—they seek a personal relationship that offers them value wherever they are and whenever they are ready to engage. As a result, marketers have had to rapidly transform their strategies, methods, and tactics to stay relevant—including choosing a platform that enables them to engage at scale.

A Blueprint for Marketing in the Engagement Economy

Customers show you how they want to be engaged and expect you to deliver value at each touchpoint with speed and precision. The path to value? Listening, learning, and using the resulting insights to engage on a personal level. It’s a virtuous cycle that requires you to choose to engage and demonstrate your understanding of your customers—and that requires some evaluation and planning. View this workbook for a guide to examine how your marketing stands up in the Engagement Economy and map an engagement plan for your organization.

Turn the Vision into Reality

Discover what marketers are saying about the Engagement Economy and explore the results they’re seeing from shifting their organizations and operations toward the customer.

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“We can leverage Marketo and its easy integration with other systems to automate processes that keep us up to date on what people in the community want and need. That's essential to meeting our objectives for growing membership and assets in today's Engagement Economy, which requires us to thoroughly understand who our customers are and communicate with them when, where, and how they expect.”

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“We didn't know how many leads the content was generating and we had no way to interact with prospects in any kind of meaningful way. Meaningful interactions are essential for success in today's Engagement Economy, especially when it comes to asking people to make the major investment that opening a car wash requires. We have to gain trust by demonstrating SONNY's Enterprises”


“For marketers to be successful in the Engagement Economy they have to be organizational and customer engineers. They have to go up to a high level and think about the customer. How can we make that customer journey fantastic--better than the competition? Marketo has helped us in the Engagement Economy by providing us with a robust platform that allows us to integrate the whole customer experience so that we can engage them across the whole lifecycle in the right way, at the right time, with the right content”

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The Keys to Engagement

Did you know that irrelevant content is the #1 reason customers choose to tune you out? In today’s noisy landscape, customer expectations have shifted to require more from the companies they interface with—they seek a personal relationship that offers them value wherever they are and whenever they are ready to engage. Discover more about how today’s customers expect to be engaged, and how marketers like you are using channels and technology to reach them. Explore our benchmark study, The State of Engagement.

Ready to market in the Engagement Economy?

The Engagement Economy has arrived!