Sample Questions

These questions are not designed to test your readiness to complete the certification exam, but they do show the format of the questions you can expect. Actual exam questions may be more or less difficult than the questions below.

Analytics and Reporting

Which two columns on the Program Performance Report are calculated using acquisition program? 

A. New Names
B. Total Members
C. Revenue per New Name
D. Cost per Member (USD)
E. Cost per New Name (USD)
F. Revenue per Member (USD)

Answer is A, E


A marketer ran a program and did not assign a program status with success. The marketer now wants to run a program performance report to find the cost per success for the program.
What will occur?

A. The report will return an error for cost per success.
B. The report will return a null value for cost per success.
C. The report will identify the last program status as a success and calculate based on that.
D. The report will identify the first program status as a success and calculate based on that.

Answer is B


A marketing manager is running a landing page A/B test and wants to know which of the two pages had the best conversion rate.
Which report should be used?

A. Form Conversion Report
B. Event Registration Report
C. Landing Page Activity Report
D. Landing Page Performance Report

Answer is D


Implementation and Operations

A marketing manager recently launched a landing page with the following URL: The manager is keeping the page content the same, but wants to update the URL to
How should this update be done?

A. Edit URL Settings
B. Enable Personalized URLs
C. Open URL Builder in Admin
D. Generate a private preview URL

Answer is A


A marketer has a field on a form where a lead can indicate products of interest. The corresponding field in the CRM contains product codes, but the marketer wants to display the full product names on the form.
What should the marketer do?

A. Use a custom Visibility Rule to change the picklist items
B. Use Mask Input to change the display value of the picklist items
C. Use a different Display Value and Stored Value in the picklist items
D. Use Progressive Profiling to change the display value of the picklist items

Answer is C


A marketer wants to launch a new gated asset on a company website using a Marketo embedded form.   Which functionality is used for Marketo embedded forms?

B. Form Pre-fill
C. Progressive Profiling
D. Suppress Competitor form fills

Answer is C


Lead Management 

A marketing manager has some leads in the database that have not opened emails in the past six months. The marketing manager wants to reset their scores to 0. 
Which solution would work to reset their score to 0?

A. Smart Campaign with a flow step - CHANGE PROGRAM SUCCESS = 0
B. Smart Campaign with a flow step - CHANGE SCORE, New Value = 0
C. Smart List with a flow step - CHANGE DATA VALUE, New Value = 0
D. Smart Campaign with a flow step - Add to system list "Unscored leads"

Answer is B

A marketing and sales organization has a service level agreement (SLA) in place that requires sales to follow up on an assigned lead within 24 hours of receiving a notification. If a follow-up does not occur within 48 hours, a reminder notification is sent to them.
Which set of flow setup steps should be used to accomplish the reminder notification?

A. Wait, Send Alert
B. Wait, Send Email
C. Wait, Add interesting moment
D. Wait, Change Program Status, send Alert

Answer is A


A lead has reached a specific lead score and is then marked as sales ready.   Where is this indicated?

A. Lead Status
B. A flag in Admin
C. Email Permission
D. Lead Owner Comments

Answer is A


Program Fundamentals

A content marketing manager has 1000 leads in an engagement program, 110 of which have exhausted all the content. The content marketing manager recently completed a new white paper and has added the new content into the program at the top of the only stream in the program. 
How many leads will receive the new white paper at the next cast, assuming there are no deliverability issues and no additional people will be added to the program?

A. 110
B. 890
C. 1000
D. 1110

Answer is C


A marketing manager wants to run a batch Smart Campaign to process leads that were both created by form fillout today and who also visited the company's pricing page.
Which rule logic should be used when setting up the Smart List?

A. Use ANY filters
B. Use ALL filters
C. Use Basic filters
D. Use Advanced filters

Answer is B


A marketing manager needs to gate a piece of content on the company website.  Which three channel and program types correspond to this activity?

A. An Email program with the channel "Email"
B. A Default program with the channel "Email"
C. An Event program with the channel "Web Form"
D. A Default program with the channel "Content"
E. A Default program with the channel "Web Form"
F. A Default program with the channel "Web Content"
G. An Engagement program with the channel "Web Content"

Answer is D, E, F
Topic: Program Fundamentals


Targeting and Personalization

A marketing manager has an engagement program with emails that have been activated and approved. The stream cadence has been set up, and the program turned on, but after the cast date, the manager can see that emails are not sent. 
Which step has been missed?

A. The quality of the deliverability is not checked.
B. Members have not been added to the engagement program.
C. The CRM sync with the engagement program is not activated.
D. The engagement score has not had sufficient time to calculate.

Answer is B
Topic: Targeting and Personalization


Which three steps should a marketer use to make an unsubscribe page appear in the readers local language? 

A. Update the individual languages and set your default
B. Create a smart list for language each preferred language
C. Create a segmentation for language with a segment for each preferred language
D. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language segmentation
E. Create the content block on the landing page as dynamic, selecting the preferred language smart list for each language

Answer is A, C, D
Topic: Targeting and Personalization


The following token is added to a subject line in an email: {{lead.Company Name:default=Your Company}}.
What is the purpose of the token's default value Your Company?

A. To display the lead's Company Name in the subject line
B. To replace the lead's Company Name in the Lead Database
C. To populate Your Company if the Company Name field is empty
D. To display Your Company in the subject line for every email recipient

Answer is C

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