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The Responsive Marketing Series Part 1 Web Design snip
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The Responsive Marketing Series, Part 1 - Web Design

A great place to start with your mobile marketing is responsive design for your website, emails, and landing pages. Responsive design is a modern approach to web, email, and landing page design that ensures your content is readable and consumable on any device, such as your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

A modern marketer should have a solid understanding of how mobile responsive design works in order to better optimize campaigns and their customers’ experience. By understanding the nuances of what makes a website, email, or landing page responsive, you can better connect your mobile customers’ experience with your day-to-day marketing activities.

Download this ebook to learn why responsive design is the best place to start with your mobile marketing strategy, including:

  • The definition of responsive design
  • How responsive design enables websites to be viewable on any device
  • The three elements of responsive web design
  • Key design considerations