The Definitive Guide to Web Personalization

Today, most marketers offer the same experience to every website visitor, every time, regardless of their behavior or attributes. And they do it, each month, tens of thousands of times (sometimes much more)—as active prospects and customers visit their site. And that’s a mistake when you think about how much of their interested audience they alienate every day by skipping the chance to speak to them as individuals on their website.

Web personalization is the single activity that marketers can start today to engage your audience and drive revenue. It allows a marketer to identify, segment, and target visitors with specific, personalized messages across their website and over time—making their marketing more effective. This comprehensive, 100+ page guide is full of checklists, charts and examples to help marketers at any level, from beginner to expert, implement effective web personalization.


Download The Definitive Guide to Web Personalization to learn:

  • How web personalization helps marketers drive results
  • How to create a web personalization strategy
  • The types of web personalization
  • What content you need to support web personalization
  • How to test and optimize your web personalization
  • How to measure your success
  • The team and tools you need in order to implement web personalization
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