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Revenue from new business in first 3 months


Revenue in the pipeline after first 3 months


Number of in-process leads

Sizmek reinvents marketing automation to deliver big wins in just 3 months, including new revenues and more in-progress leads.



Digital marketing strategy focuses on expanding existing accounts, engaging new leads, and leveraging Marketo reporting to gain visibility into campaign effectiveness.

Sizmek, an open ad management company for multiscreen ad experiences, works with brand marketers, agencies, publishers, and trading desks to build and target ads to reach audiences around the globe. According to Jib Hunt, Global Director of Marketing, processes had become fragmented as the result of multiple acquisitions and organizational changes, resulting in limited visibility into lead quality and campaign effectiveness. Jib saw tremendous opportunity in taking steps to reinvent Sizmek’s digital marketing strategy, embrace best practices, and optimize the company’s Marketo implementation to gain maximum value from the company’s investment in marketing automation. The effort involved consolidating all marketing efforts onto the Marketo platform for easy access by the global marketing team. Within three months, revenues directly tied to marketing specific leads jumped substantially and the number of in-progress leads rose by 500%.


  • Gain insight into current customers to identify upsell opportunities
  • Capture new leads and engage and nurture them through the buying journey
  • Generate meaningful reports for enhanced visibility into program performance



Reinventing marketing

Jib and his team started by working closely with sales to revamp integration between Marketo and, clean data to ensure quality, establish a lead scoring scheme, and implement marketing best practices. The new marketing organization includes eight field marketers covering the geographies in which Sizmek operates plus five lead development representatives (LDRs) who are responsible for qualifying and unqualifying leads on a global scale. Three months ago, marketing went live with the new best practices and revamped Marketo implementation.

"It was like starting a brand new company. Now everything starts in Marketo. We create our programs there and then synch them with Salesforce. We use Marketo for email communications, landing pages, and website forms that collect lead data. We track RSVPs and attendance for every event. For in-person events, field marketers can collect leads in a standard template that we upload into Marketo so we can incorporate attendance for lead scoring purposes. When a lead hits 100 points, Marketo routes it to the appropriate LDR for qualification. Ultimately, every program ties into Salesforce dashboards and reporting so we can easily see which programs and events are performing well and are worthy of investment."



Positioning for success 

Marketing realized significant gains within three months of the reset. Qualified leads handed to sales by business development have helped generate a 780% increase in new business and a 600% increase in opportunities in the pipeline. Marketers are now segmenting leads based on company type, title, and other factors, which enables the team to personalize content and messaging to enhance engagement and help shorten the buying cycle. The team is also beginning to create automated campaigns that trigger a series of email messages based on specific interests and behaviors. Automation is freeing up staff time to focus on new campaigns. Jib also notes that reporting is proving to be extremely beneficial. 

"In the past, we couldn’t track leads and events globally. Now we’re accumulating historical data that will allow us to compare the performance of campaigns and events worldwide so we can make better decisions about where to invest. We’re well positioned to achieve our top goals over the next year, which include upselling current customers, targeting new customers, and managing the leads that come in from the many different sources.”