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Growth in online inquiries

7 Weeks

Global rollout of 3 brands per country

70 - 80%

New lead acquisition across all digital Channels

"Marketo Sales Insight has been a fantastic win for us"

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Using Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform to focus on the right industries and higher-value prospects, travel giant Flight Centre Travel Group has realized a 20% spike in online business travel inquiries since starting a global rollout.

Australia-based Flight Centre Travel Group drove stronger alignment between their marketing and sales teams by furnishing sales with better insights into how their business travel customers were digitally engaging—a collaboration that helped close more wins for the business. With customers in 90 countries around the world across 7 corporate travel brands, the company’s key business objective focuses on retaining a diverse customer base and acquiring new businesses onto their travel platform. Partnering with Marketo, Flight Centre’s B2B marketing team can create a more personalized experience across all the digital touch-points of the buyer’s journey via email, website, and phone, so that customers get the right information at the right time.


  • Close the Gap Between Marketing and Sales: Provide insight into lead activity resulting in an increase in lead quality 
  • Provide Sales Insight into Prospect Behavior: Nurture prospects with relevant personal communications and the right content 
  • Time to Value: Rapid rollout of a digital platform with global brand consistency 


Going One-on-One

For organizations looking for a partner to help with complex travel planning needs, Flight Centre Travel Group wants to be top-of-mind with its personal service. Kevin Wordon, Head of Digital – Corporate, wants travel bookers to know that at Flight Centre you’re not dealing with a call center, rather, you’re dealing with someone who knows your business. In a crowded space, Flight Centre Travel Group stands out by creating a personalized experience for their clientele, “Our expert industry knowledge and personalized service sets us apart. Travelling for work, where you have multiple planes to catch, meetings to attend, and transfers to organize, can be a stressful experience. When things go wrong we’re there for our customers. Our clients travel with ease, knowing our expert consultants are available 24/7 “. 

The old process of informing a prospect about products and services meant sending a PDF in an email, a practice Kevin recalled as “terrible.” One generalized piece of communication targeting a large enterprise might resonate, but the same pitch sent to a small or medium-sized business could fall flat. Kevin wanted a system to provide the sales team insight into where leads were coming from, and how prospects were engaging with the content that the sales team was providing. Understanding when a prospect opened an email or read a case study allowed the sales team to drive a personalized conversation, similar to the personal service aspect and one-to-one relationships that Flight Centre Travel Group is known for. Kevin incorporated Marketo Sales Insight, allowing sales to replace PDFs with well-structured emails to clients that were relevant and trackable.

"So instead of picking up the phone and saying, `Hey, did you see that case study on mining that I sent you?’, our sales team waits for the recipient to open, click, and actually read the email. We train our sales teams to schedule a follow-up once their prospects have actually engaged with that content."

Between 70% and 80% of all sales inquiries come from Flight Centre’s online channels. With buyers self-directing more of their own buying journey, the purchasing decision is often made before a potential customer even picks up the phone to speak to sales. Recognizing this shift, Kevin put a content strategy in place that delivers contextual content to help prospects make informed decisions. By providing relevant information online, sales stands a better chance of gaining that face-to- meeting with the client. 

"Marketo has empowered our sales people by giving them a strong visual understanding of their prospects.” 

Stepping back to consider the impact of the changes, Kevin said the application of the new marketing technology at Flight Centre Travel Group has proved empowering, affording the sales and marketing teams “a strong visual understanding” of their prospects as they seek to drive greater growth. “In the past, there was a limited understanding of where leads were coming from.” 


Around the World in 49 Days

Flight Centre introduced Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform in seven weeks across three brands per country. Flight Centre’s sales teams can now look at leads and contacts and see whether they’re opening up emails, navigating online, or how they’re being scored and ranked according to type.

The adoption of Marketo has also had clear cross-border benefits for Flight Centre Travel Group’s operations around the world. The company shares content across its various geographies with 28 country regions managing their own content on their websites. Flight Centre has set in place a best practice for marketers to share content on the global website where the materials can get pulled down to be localized and tailored to suit particular markets.

As Flight Centre more effectively targeted prospects, it registered an increase in the average value-per-client while online inquiries climbed 20%, a result that Wordon described as “fantastic.” 

"Building a team to deploy Marketo around the world was crucial to our global roll out."