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Gross Margin on Advertising Dollars Spent 


Targeted Programs ROI equated to 

Preventative Care Revenues


 With Marketo, Christiana Care Health System has not only significantly expanded their brand reach but has been able to increase patient participation in preventative care programs resulting in decreased emergency room visits.

Christiana Care Health System, a coordinated, patient-focused health care system of unsurpassed excellence, were faced with an enormous challenge. It had to improve the lives of patients plus lower the total cost of healthcare - all with a small, non-growing marketing budget. While Christiana Care is the largest health system in the state of Delaware with 11,000 employees and holds a majority of market share in the county, they also noticed a growing increase in competitors going after their patients. Realizing that in order to keep their market share, they needed a way to remain competitive.


  • Reach more people and amplify their brand and marketing efforts in the most cost-effective way
  • Create an optimal patient mix by decreasing ER visits and increasing the number of scheduled, preventative care checkups
  • Improve overall profitability and lower the acquisition cost per patient



Nurturing Patients to Increase Preventative Care Revenues

Given their ongoing responsibility to take care of the public, Christiana Care measures their success with Marketo by the improvement in the lives of the community. Their societal bottom line is that they want people to take care of themselves. Marketo was a key component in achieving this goal. By engaging patients in their database with a personal email aimed at increasing awareness and participation in specific areas of preventative medicine, this increased trust and helped strengthen their personal relationships with the community. As a result, the health system empowers patients and families to be proactive about their healthcare and improve their overall quality of life.

Marketing initiatives promoted with targeted email campaigns through Marketo also helped Christiana Care increase preventative care revenues. Previously they had been engaging in big ad campaigns through newspapers and other media, and spending thousands of dollars for a typical return.

"Having these nurturing campaigns gets people into the doctor’s office so that they can talk about how to take care of themselves -- we’ve noticed an increase in physician bookings,” says Johansen. “Besides improving overall patient health and quality of life, shifting patients to the doctor’s office and away from the ER reduces the healthcare cost per patient.”

Affordable, Easy-to-use, Fast to Implement Solutions

Christiana Care needed a robust solution that could integrate with several systems, but also one that was affordable, easy-to-use, scalable and quick to implement. Marketo’s on-demand model, easy integration, and ease-of-use meant that IT would have nothing complicated to do during implementation. After analyzing the opportunity cost of not implementing Marketo compared to the cost savings from eliminating direct mail, Christiana Care was able to easily fund the purchase just by cutting down on direct mail and print advertising.

"Christiana Care is a large enterprise that required a solution with robust functionality across marketing automation and analytics. At the same time, the solution had to be affordable, easy-to-use and fast to implement.” Christiana Care chose to implement a cloud-based marketing automation solution and Marketo specifically, due to its on-demand model, easy-to-use interface, speedy implementation process, expert consulting services, need for minimal IT support and finally because it was affordable.” 



Maximizing Return on Marketing Dollars 

With Marketo, Christiana Care has been able to better stretch its limited advertising dollars, thus lowering the costs of patient acquisition. In fact, they report that for every $1 spent on advertising, Christiana is seeing a $30 gross margin, equating to a 3,000% ROI. Previously they had been engaging in big ad campaigns, spending thousands of dollars with no way to gauge return on investment. Now they have a stream of people signing up for screenings, seminars, information and give-aways – 30-50 daily on average. This has produced a direct positive impact on revenues.

"Thanks to the no-cost promotions done through Marketo, Christiana Care is helping reshape healthcare by reducing patient acquisition costs, getting high-risk patients in to see doctors earlier, and helping this industry take advantage of cloud computing technology to improve public health.”