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"What’s exciting about Marketo, is that you can start to see the benefits that Marketing is bringing to the table.”

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  • Deeper engagement from more targeted, relevant content
  • Lead and win attribution for specific marketing efforts
  • Alignment between sales and marketing
  • Enterprise-class data management and security



The Charles Schwab Corporation provides a full range of securities, brokerage, banking, money management, and financial advisory services. Schwab Advisor Services™ serves independent investment advisors, championing innovative ways for advisors to deliver an exceptional experience to their clients.

The Marketing team within Schwab’s Advisor Services business unit focuses on two key goals – acquiring new independent advisors and helping existing advisors grow their business. The process of an advisor deciding to leave a firm and go out on their own can take 2-3 years, resulting in a long “buying cycle” for Schwab that requires continual nurturing of advisor prospects. For advisors who are onboard, Schwab needs to understand where advisors are in the lifecycle of their business, and deliver relevant content that helps them get their practice off the ground, run their back office efficiently, and grow their assets under management.

Before Marketo, Schwab used an automation platform that was outdated, cumbersome to use, and lacked insight even into whether emails were simply being delivered. In addition, they had no way to ensure that data was clean and updated, and they struggled to integrate with the company’s complex security systems. Recognizing the need for a modern and innovative marketing platform, Schwab evaluated several offerings and selected Marketo.


With Marketo, Schwab can now cultivate prospective independent advisors at scale. With the ability to set up numerous nurture streams based on where advisors are in their journey, Schwab can deliver targeted, relevant and personalized content to help accelerate the advisor’s decision process. Also, by tracking and scoring advisors’ behavior, Marketing can help Sales prioritize the best prospects to engage directly.

Schwab can also now leverage Marketo to effectively communicate with existing advisors with the goal of helping them grow their business. By delivering content that is most relevant to where advisors are in their business lifecycle, Schwab can be a better partner to them. “We’re trying to get them to adopt better technology and better practices, so we can help them grow,” explains Rosai. “If they grow, then we grow.” 



With Marketo, business development officers will have much greater insights into the prospects coming through the pipeline, and relationship managers will have visibility into what existing clients are interested in. With this visibility, sales can react in a timely, relevant manner to impact conversion. “I’ve never seen a sales force so excited about a marketing rollout--not in my tenure at Schwab or anywhere else. It’s good to see that partnership come together,” says Rosai.

Marketo will also enable direct attribution of marketing efforts. “What’s exciting about Marketo is that you can see the benefits that marketing brings to the table. Marketo will help the sales team see how we help drive leads and conversions. To provide that kind of exposure and benefit in marketing is just going to make the sales and marketing organization a more cohesive unit to drive the business objectives,” adds Rosai.

“Ultimately, Marketo is going to help Marketing & Sales to be more relevant and much more targeted in our efforts to acquire, retain, and grow relationships with independent advisors. By bringing marketing and sales together and making us more effective as a team, we can build a stronger program to meet advisor needs and achieve business results,” says Rosai.